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New novel pre-release

13th February, 2022 - 'The Sampford Slaying' is now available for preorder on Amazon. The ebook is set for release on 25th March. The paperback should be available around the same time. A sequel is in early development, with the setting changing from Dartmoor to nearby Plymouth in 1403 - an eventful year for the town (it wasn't yet a city). A third book will follow in due course, set in 1404 and moving again to the vicinity of Dartmouth and following historic events which occurred there at that time.

I am also working on 'The Battles of Devon' which has taken me longer than expected. I have completed a first draft of the period AD614 - 1455, with the Prayerbook Rebellion, the Civil War, and World War II yet to tackle. I expect this project to take much of the remainder of 2022. 

My Plains Indian Wargames rules 'Counting Coup' have been drafted, and have been for almost a year. They have been playtested once and though it went well, a few complexities need simplifying. I have the cover artwork and logo completed by professional artists, but I've shelved the project for the time being to concentrate on the aforementioned projects. I expect the wargames rules to be completed sometime in 2023, and coronavirus restrictions allowing I hope to demonstrate it at a wargames show or two.

All of this might be completed more quickly if I could manage to stay off Dartmoor. Unfortunately, I can't. 

Check out what I'm currently reading on Goodreads;

The Sampford Slaying

Devon, AD 1402. Wool merchant Robert Wood is not well-liked. He is boastful, gruff, and takes offence as easily as he gives it, but he adores his pious younger wife and constantly seeks social advancement to please her. Robert attempts to bribe the notoriously corrupt sheriff for the position as bailiff but is outbid by neighbouring landowner, William Spiney. The following morning a hue and cry is raised: William has been murdered.

Robert is accused and summarily thrown into the notorious Lydford gaol. Robert’s only ally is Edmund, a shy and cloistered clerk. Together they rush to prove Robert’s innocence while tackling corrupt officials, vengeful relations of the deceased, local thugs, a retainer with a mysterious past, and Robert’s own scheming brother.

If evidence of Robert’s innocence isn’t found within ten days, he will hang. Meanwhile, Robert is unsure if Edmund is really on his side while the clerk remains unconvinced that the volatile Robert is truly innocent.

the circle in the woods cover.png

The Circle in the Woods

Few souls venture to Ferntor Forest. The remote, heavily wooded hilltops cover many acres of bleak, ancient moorland. Little sunlight penetrates the thick canopy. Decaying detritus and moss-covered boulders blanket the steep-sided forest hills where eyes incessantly watch the winding tracks from the murkiest depths of the forest.

Archaeology student Eve thinks she's located a previously undiscovered prehistoric stone circle on recent satellite images of Dartmoor. Eager to make her name as the finder, Eve ventures out alone into Ferntor Forest. She soon discovers that getting to the ancient circle will be much more difficult than she thought, and that she would be lucky to get ever get out alive.

The March of the Dragons


Earth’s oil reserves dwindle. Prices soar as the last known oil fields are tapped. It is estimated there are 230 billion barrels worth of oil in the contested territories of the South China Sea.


When spiralling disputes lead to war, a surprise invasion has the Vietnamese military reeling in defeat. The resistance in an occupied Saigon is left to a new generation of 'Viet Cong' - the youth of the 21st century. 


Tuấn, an idealistic university student encourages his friends to band together to fight. Spoilt and unprepared for the realities of war the students face oppression, fear and treachery in the face of the world’s largest army. 


A Chinese military officer faces inner conflict over the issues of morality and duty, while a Scottish photojournalist is torn between two women as well as between his pursuit of fame and his conscience. 


How much innocence and humanity will be sacrificed in this burning new world?

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