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Dartmoor Heritage Walks

Ancient Paper

Penn Beacon

A relatively short 3.5 hours walk of 5.5 miles on tracks and open moorland with some relatively steep ascents. The walk provides great views of Southern Dartmoor and out to Plymouth Sound. The route incorperates some Bronze Age remains including cairns and settlements.

Wistman's Wood

A 5 mile walk that takes in views of Wistman's Wood and the surrounding archaeology without risking any damage to the ancient woodland.

 White Tor

A circular walk of five miles which takes in the Neolithic site at White Tor and scores of Bronze Age hut circles as well as Stephen's Grave.

Holne Moor

A six-mile walk with great views, and some extensive reave remains.


Down Tor & Eylesbarrow

A six-mile walk exploring an impressive cairn circle and stone row, delapidated hut circles, tin mining industrial remains and abandoned farms.

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