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Devon's violent and often hidden past


Sunny Devon is not thought of as a place of warfare. There are a few well-known battles from the Civil War and the Prayerbook Rebellion, but of the medieval conflicts very little is known. This book covers all the sieges, battles, skirmishes and raids in Devon - almost all of which have been largely forgotten by history. Here these conflicts are covered in one volume for the first time.

Part I 'The Age of Dumnonia' covers the westward expansion of the Saxons and the gradual defeat of the Western Britons.
Part II 'The Viking Age' examines the Devonshire raids, sieges, and battles led by such legendary Viking warriors as Guthrum and Ubba Ragnarrson.
Part III 'The Norman Age' shows how the Anglo-Saxon kingdom made its last stand in Devon and includes sieges led by William the Conqueror and King Stephen.
Part IV 'The Age of Chivarly' illustrates the effect of the Hundred Years Wars on Devon, local conflicts between noble houses, and the pretender to the throne of England who brought the final stages of the Wars of the Roses to Devon.

Illustrated with maps, photographs, and artwork throughout. This volume is a unique reference for the period which includes detail on arms and tactics for each age covered. Key engagements covered are:

Beandun, 614
Posbury, 661
Gafulford, 825
Cynwith, 878
Lydford, 997
Pinhoe, 1001
Exeter, 1068
Northam, 1069
Rougemont, 1136
Plymouth, 1403
Blackpool Sands, 1404
Clyst Heath, 1455
Exeter, 1497

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